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Midweek visit to St. Mary Magdalene, Main Street, Horton



St. Mary Magdalene, Main Street,
United Kingdom

At short notice it has been possible to arrange for a visit by the Society to this closed church, about 7 miles from Northampton. It is expected the building will soon be sold. The visit has been arranged with the Peterborough Diocesan Office for 10.30am on Tuesday 25th.February. It is hoped cars may be parked at nearby The French Partridge Restaurant. This business is closed at present. It may be possible to meet anyone travelling by train at Wolverton or Huntingdon. This rather depends on train timetables. Please speak to Michael Thompson to see if this is possible.


The church houses the following items of interest:

Brass monument to Roger Salisbury, d.1491, flanked by his two wives.

Alabaster tomb chest with a pair of effigies to Lord William Parr [uncle to Catherine Parr] and his wife Mary, d. 1555 daughter of John Salisbury.

Painted alabaster wall monument to William Lane,d. 1580.

Marble wall monument to Edward Montagu and his wife, 1736.This monument may have been designed by Horace Walpole.


It is vital that warm clothing, hats and gloves are worn. The church has been closed for a long time and will be both very cold and dirty. Although there are no obvious hazards, everyone must be alert and to take care not to trip or fall.


Arrangements are not being made to visit other churches, but for those with time and so inclined, there are several churches nearby which will be of interest to members. A list has been prepared and is available by email from the organiser.


Members and friends wishing to attend must email or phone Michael Thompson, who will provide further information. There will be a charge of £5 each, to include the customary donation to the PCC or Churches Conservation Trust..


Michael Thompson: mobile 07900 894176