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Nigel Saul The sculptor of the monument of a serjeant-
at-law at Flamstead (Hertfordshire):
a sequel

A sculptor based at the Totternhoe quarries in Bedfordshire in the early fifteenth century has been recenly identified as reponsible for a group of monuments in Hertfordshire, at Flamstead (c. 1408), Benington (c.1435) and Little Munden (c.1440). In this article three more by the same sculptor are identified, all of them in churches further north, at Marholm (Cambridgeshire, formerly Northamptonshire), Brough Green and Isleham (both Cambridgeshire). The monuments date from a period roughly mid-way between the earliest and the latest in the Hertfordshire series, suggesting that in the intervening twenty years the sculptor had been drawn northwards in search of work.

Jean L Wilson The Cotton Monuments at Landwade
The monuments in the church at Landwade (Cambridgeshire), of the Cotton family of Landwade and Madingley, form a continuous sequence from the mid-fifteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, when the male line became extinct. Later generations showed an attachment to the past: it seems possible, with the identification of the four earliest monuments to the family, that as early as the early sixteenth century the Cottons were displaying both a celebration and a glamourisation of their ancestry.

Oliver D. Harris The generations of Adam: the monument of Sir Gawen Carew in Exeter Cathedral.
The grandiose tomb of Sir Gawen Carew (d. 1584) and his wife in Exeter Cathedral stands as a remarkable statement of genealogical and dynastic identity. This paper examines the background to its erection and considers the part played by John Hooker, chamberlain and coroner of Exeter, in its design. It establishes that the lady commemorated was Elizabeth née Norwich (d. 1594), Sir Gawen's third wife and the monument's patron, and argues that the unusual third effigy was intended to represent Adam Mongomery de Carew, the family's legendary progenitor.

T. P. Connor 'A Standinge Tombe Of Stone'. Early modern chest tombs in the churchyards of west Dorset and south Somerset.
Chest tombs survive in large numbers in several parts of England, but have received little attention as a discrete form of funeral monument. This study, based on an area of about two hundred contiguous parishes, examines the forms of these structures during the period c. 1570 – 1714 and, from a detailed study of a substantial number of those commemorated by their tombs, attempts to place them in a social context.

David Wilson (with an appendix by Sally Badham) The Arches Court, Wootton St Lawrence and church monuments.
The recent decision by an ecclesiastical appeal court to set aside a faculty permitting the sale of an armet (made c.1500), being an accoutrement of a funerary monument for several centuries, has been hailed as a victory for all those concerned with preserving funerary monuments intact at the church where they are located. The case, however, proceeded as one where the armet was owned by the church, whereas title in most monuments and their accoutrements vests in the heir-in-law of the person commemorated by the monument. This article analyses and explains the decision of the court, and seeks to identify how the principles it established may have general application to all petitions for faculties concerning church monuments, irrespective of their ownership.

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