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Key books on monuments

Here you will find a guide to some useful publications.

This is not an exhaustive bibliography on tomb carvings. It lists

Click below for a more detailed bibliography: this has not been updated for some years but will give you more detail about earlier books.

Introductory books

Badham, Sally, Medieval Church and Churchyard Monuments (Shire, 2011)
Badham, Sally, and Martin Stuchfield, Monumental Brasses (Shire, 2009)
Kemp, Brian, Church Monuments (Shire, new edition, 2010)

Some key recent studies

Badham, Sally, and Sophie Oosterwijk, eds, Monumental Industry: the production of tomb monuments in England and Wales during the long fourteenth century (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2010)
Bertram, Jerome, Icon and Epigraphy (2 vols. Privately published, 2015.)
Biebrach, Rhianydd, Church Monuments in South Wales c 1200-1547 (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2017)
Coales, J., ed., The Earliest English Brasses (London: Monumental Brass   Society, 1987)
Craske, Matthew, The Silent Rhetoric of the Body: A History of Monumental Sculpture and Commemorative Art in England, 1720-1770 (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 2008)
Llewellyn, Nigel, Funeral Monuments in Post-Reformation England (Cambridge University Press, 2000)
Meara, D., Modern Memorial Brasses, 1880-2001 (Donongton: Shaun Tyas, 2008)
Meara, D., Victorian Memorial Brasses (London: Routledge, 1983)
Saul, Nigel, English Church Monuments in the Middle Ages (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009)
Sherlock, Peter, Monuments and Memory in Early Modern England (Ashgate, 2008).

Twentieth-century surveys

Burgess, Frederick, English Churchyard Memorials (Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 1963, reprinted in paperback edition 2004)
Esdail, K. A., English Church Monuments 1510-1840 (London: Batsford 1946)
Greenhill, F. A., Incised Effigial Slabs (2 vols. London: Faber & Faber, 1976)
Kemp, Brian, English Church Monuments (London: Batsford, 1980)
Norris, Malcolm, Monumental Brasses: The Memorials (2 vols. London: Phillips & Page, 1977) and Monumental Brasses: The Craft (London: Faber & Faber, 1978)
Tummers, Harry, Early Secular Effigies in England: The Thirteenth Century (Leiden: E J Brill, 1980)

Further reading

For a more detailed bibliography of earlier work on tomb carvings, including some very useful antiquarian surveys, click the button below.