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Resources for the All Hallows series of lectures

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Here are some references from the autumn series of lectures – and the whole series will soon be available on our YouTube channel:

Julian Litten’s book The English Way of Death: The Common Funeral since 1450 was published as a paperback by Robert Hale Ltd in 2002, though there are also other editions out there.

Resources for the art of the macabre in medieval Wales:

Sophie Oosterwijk on the Tenby tombs is at

Sophie Oosterwijk, ‘Babes on Brackets’ at

Transcript and translation of the poem on the Tenby shroud monument:

Respice qui transis
Magnus, medius, puer an sis,
Recole mente tua
Qui eris sub tali funera
Pro me funde preces
Quibus sic mihi sit venie spes

(Consider, you who pass by,
whether old, middle-aged or young,
reflect in your mind
that you will suffer such a death.
Pour forth prayers for me
so that thus I may have a hope of pardon.)

Death and the Gallant:

Dance of Death:

(the whole site is wonderful, a compendium of images of Dances of Death from all over Europe)

Sophie Oosterwijk has written a huge amount on the Dance of Death and related macabre themes – for an online resource, see her doctoral thesis at ‘Fro Paris to Inglond’? The danse macabre in text and image in late-medieval England | Scholarly Publications (

The Three Living and the Three Dead:

David Hale’s thesis:

‘Dancing and Dicing with Death’:

The chess game is at

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