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Study Day and AGM 2020



United Kingdom

On 23rd May 2020, Council decided that in the light of Government regulations regarding Covid-19, they had no option but to postpone the AGM.  This had been scheduled for 12th September  2020 but owing to the uncertainty over when regulations forbidding meetings would be lifted, was postponed in line with Charity Commission advice as of 22nd May 2020 (  This notice constitutes the formal record of the postponement, as required by the Charity Commission.
It is hoped that the meeting can be held on 6th March 2021 and an update will be published in the next Newsletter.


And another thing:

We need another Ordinary Member of Council.

Perhaps you have thought about standing for election to Council but are not sure what it might entail? As a member of Council you would attend four convivial meetings a year, in central London, on Saturdays in March, May, July and November from 1-4 pm. Council receives reports and updates on on-going matters, and plans future activities. You do not have to be an expert but, like all members, have an enthusiasm for monuments.