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Ashley - St John the Baptist
Sir Gilbert Gerard (1592) & Lady Ann (Radcliffe) (1602) Alabaster. Two recumbent effigies of Sir Gilbert and Lady Ann; two adult male children kneel at their heads and feet; two small children keel frontally on the floor; four women are shown in relief against the back wall. There is a third kneeling figure between the two small children in the photograph above left but this is not recorded. Pevsner comments: '(Sir Gilbert) started the overcrowding of the church'.

Harriot Kinnersly (1843) Daughter of Thomas Anne Kinnersly (Dixon) (1843) First wife of Thomas Thomas Kinnersly (I) (1819) & Mary (1825) They are surrounded by monuments to their children. By Chantrey 1826
Hon Elizabeth Maynell (Ingram) (1817) Wife of Hugo Hugo Meynell (1800) By Joseph Nollekens Elizabeth Kinnersly (1863) By Peter Hollins sculptor Birmingham
William Shepherd Kinnersly Thomas Kinnersly (II) (1855) By Nobel 1859 Hugo Francis Meynell Ingram, his wife Emily and his parents Hugo Charles & Gorgina Meynell Ingram. Georgina is buried here but the other at Hoar Cross

Eccleshall - Holy Trinity
Left & Above Bishop Bowstead (1843) Right & Above
Bishop Overton (1609)
Tomb chest with low relief figures
Enville - St Mary

Above: Thomas Grey (1559) & first wife Anne Upright children against tomb chest, including babies. Alabaster
Roger de Birmingham Priest who rebuilt the chancel 1272-1307
Ilma - Holy Cross
Top Right: J Watts Russell by Laurence Macdonald 1863. Other photographs: Robert Meverell  (1626) & Wife Alabaster. Whole monument and detail.
Lichfield Cathedral  
Top: Purbeck marble bishop 13th century. Erroneosly said to be Bishop Langdon (1321)
Bishop de Patteshull (1240-45) Purbeck marble
Effigy in exterior south wall
John Hodgson Iles (1888)  Signed:W R Ingham Bishop Hacket (1670) 
Top Left: Bishop Augustus Selwyn (1878) First bishop of New Zealand. By Nicholls
Top Right:
Mjr William Hodson (1858) Kia at the sorming of Lucknow. Designed by Street; carved by Earp
Far Right:
Ellen-Jane and Marianne Robinson 'The Sleeping Children' By Chantrey 1814. White marble
Andrew Newton (1806) By Westmacott 1808 Bishop Ryder (1836) By Chantry 1841 Sarah wife of Bishp Selwyn (1907)  Stephen Simpspn (1784) 

Top Left: Gilbert Walmesley (1751); Top Centre: John Rawlings (1685); Top Right: Mathew Smallwood (n/d)
Far Right Top:
Bishop Woods (1937-1953) Bronze by Epstein in the Pedelavium; Far Right Bottom: Nicholas Brookes (1667)
Rolleston - St Mary
Bishop Sherburne of Chichester (1536)
The effigy is let into a wall niche like a coffin but stone block hides the middle of the figure. This block is carved with early Reanaisance decoration.
Incised Sabs
Left & Above: Sir John Rolleaton & Margaret (1485) Note the curious headdress. Recut.
Right: Edward Rolston, Rector (1615)
Left: Sir Edward Moseley (1638)
Above & Right Details of monument to Thomas Caldwell (1555), Wife & Children Made c. 1600
Sheen - St Luke
Lady Mildred Arabella Charlotte Henrietta (Cecil) Beresford Hope (1881) Buried at Christ Church, Kilndown, Kent
Standon - All Saints
Nicholas Hyde (1526) Another example of this type
Stafford - St Mary

Above: Humphrey Hodgetts (1730)

Above: Sir Edward Aston (1568) & Joan
Hon. Barbara Clifford (1786) Signed: J F Moore
Anne Malpas (1665) Anne Feake (1651) Ricahard Drakeford (1639) & Marcie

St Michael
Thomas Crompton (1619), wife Ethelred, 4 sons, 2 daughters Admiral St Vincent (1823) by Chantrey
Two Elizabethan of Jacobean effigies in the church yard. Members of the Crompton family
Immaculate Conception & St Dominic
Archbishop Ullathorpe (1889) by J S Hanson
Tamworth - St Editha     
Above: John Clarke MD (1818)
Sir John Ferraes (1680) and his son Humphrey (1678) By Cribber; probably carved by Arnold Quellin
Far Right:
John Homer (1796)
Pt Samuel Parkes VC (1864)  The VC was awarded for valour in The Charge of the Light Brigade Gpt J Jenkinson (kia 1915) 
Tentetnhall - St Michael & All Angels
Village within Wolverhampton
The medieval church was devastated by a fire in 1950 and rebuilt in a Gothick style in 1955. These illustrations presumably date from before the fire.

Left: Richard Wrottesley (1417) with wife and children
John Wrottesley (1580) , Elizabeth & children
Joan Cresswell (1589)
Uttoxeter - St Mary       

Above & near right: 'Here lie the bodies of Thomas Kynnersley of Morley, Knight and of his wives and their sons and daughters' He married 1. Margery Agarde (right panel) 2. ___ Wolrich (left panel)  3. Elizabeth Hussey (kneeling with her husband on centre panel). Incised slab lid.
Mid right:
Elizabeth (Hussey) Kynnersley (1523) alabaster
Far right:
John & Margaret or Joanna (Fitzherbert)  Mynors incised slab (lost) with sons and daughters


With thanks to Jean McCreanor and to Jean & Robert for providing the photographs in this section

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