Please Note: Minor corrections and additions are not included in this list; nor are the new photographs which are constantly added to the 'County Guides' - these are noted on the introductary page to that section - unless a new county, several churches or one church with a significant number of monuments are added.

14-09-15  Monument of the Month (Sept)
04-08-15  Notice of one day meeting at Wingfield, Suffolk in November. Click here
27-07-15  Speakers finalised for the Neoclassical Conference
13-07-15 Monument of the Month (July) This is the second part of that from last month. Please note that three photographs were omitted last month; these have now been restored in the archive.
22-06-15  Theft of Hovingham cross shaft reported
15-06-15  Monument of the Month (June) added. As this is lengthy, I have divided it into two parts
07-06-15   A link to an extensive collection of illustrations of medieval brasses and monuments is here:  Also linked from the Links page
A new book on armour by Dr Tobias Capwell; follow the links here

06-06-15   The Board of Editorial Advisers for the Journal; details here
Change of some e-mail addresses here
Notice of 2015 AGM here
Details and booking form for forthcmoing conference on neo-classical monuments
Information about the fprthcoming Brus Project, here
Conference: Henry V's Funerary Achievements here
21-05-15    Monument of the Month (May) added
20-05-15    Details of latest Journal added
18-05-15    Details of Forthcoming CMS events added
19-04-15     Monument of the Month (April) added
18-04-15     Detail of latest Newsletter added
18-03-15    New publicity officer wanted. Click here for details.
16-03-15    Monument of the Month (March) added
Please note that these Monuments of the Month will appear around the middle of the month at the moment owing to unforseen circumstances. I will progressively move this feature to the beginning of the month in due course.
09-03-15   Notice of book sale: books on basses, monuments etc. Scroll to the bottom of Items for Sale or Wanted
                 Further CMS events - outline only - posted here
                 Monumental Brass Society meeting details - posted here
                 New e-mail of the Mausolea & Monuments Trust post here
23-02-15   Further details of CMS Events added
11-02-15   Details of latest Newsletter added. Page revised
08-02-15   Monument of the Month (February) added
04-01-15   Monument of the Month (January) added
03-12-14    Monument of the Month (December) added
10-11-14    Information about 2016 Essay Prize here
01-11-14   Monument of the Month (November) added
24-10-14   Many monuments added to Staffordshire
12-10-14   The 'County Series' has now restarted
10-10-14   For the minutes of the last AGM and the latest accounts , click the links. Paper copies may be obtained from the Publicity Officer.
01-10-14   Monument of the Month (October) added
30-09-14    Call for Papers: Neoclassical Church Monuments in Britain
26-09-14   Latest Council Members details.
16-09-14   How ro get to the AGM
                CMS Risk Management Policy
09-09-14  Cardinal Wolsey's angels and Restorations at Hinton St George in
Monuments in the News
08-09-14  Additions to the constitution: Procedures for complaints handling and Procedures for managing finances and investments.
                Index to Publications updated
02-09-14   Monument of the Month (September) added 
01-09-14   Annex to the Constitution: Roll of Council Members
                 Provisional booking for 2015 AGM here
30-08-14   Details of the memorial service to Dr John Physick, who died recently, are posted here.
              Call for papers: IMC University of Leeds- 'Voices from the grave'
04-08-14    Monument of the Month (August) added
01-07-14   Monument of the Month (July) added
20-06-14  Congratulations to past president Sally Badham for being awarded the MBE in the recent birthday honours.
02-06-14    Monument of the Month (June) added
19-05-14   More thefts: a brass and a bust
03-05-14   Monument of the Month (May) added
01-05-14  Helmet in the news
                More thefts - brasses in Yorkshire
29-04-14  Several Monuments added in North Yorkshire
05-04-14   Monument of the Month (April) uploaded
31-03-14  Visit to see the conservation project at Warkton, Northants added. Numbers limited so important to book early.
23-03-14  Several church in Wiltshire added
18-03-14   Details of latest Newsletter posted
17-03-14  Latest Constitution now on line: click here.
               Article on the Blanche Grandison monument at Much Marcle here.
                Recent publications posted here.
                Details of 2004 Symposium posted here
07-03-14   Details of latest Journal posted
04-03-14   Monument of the Month (March) uploaded
23-02-14   Some monuments from Bath Abbey added
17-02-14   Several monuments in Worcestershire added
10-02-14   Several churches added in Norfolk and Suffolk
09-02-14   Notice of 'bonus' visit to Marholm, Peterborough
03-02-14   Notice of 2014 AGM
                News of Ledgerstone Survey meeting
                Several monuments added in County Guides
01-02-14   Monument of the Month (February) uploaded
29-01-14   A little more information on the King Alfred saga
28-01-14   Many more monuments added on the Devon pages
27-01-14    A recent discovery at Much Marcle
20-01-14    Details of Churchyards Conference with booking forms
12-01-14    Shropshire updated: Many monuments added. Also a couple of French fragments, here.
01-01-14    Monument of the Month  (January) uploaded
31-12-13   Fify years after Panofsky's 'Tomb Sculpture'. New Approaches, New Perspectives, New Materials - Call for Papers
16-12-13    Report of stolen monument at Foy
01-12-13    Monument of the Month (December) uploaded
                 Details of Central West Suffolk excursion posted here
01-11-13    Monument of the Month (November) uploaded
27-10-13   Further details of forthcoming events posted here.
                Details of latest Newsletter here.
24-10-13    Obituary: Dr John Physick
23-10-13    Booking form for Yorkshire excursion 2014 posted; details of excursion to follow. Click here for form.
                 Recent Publications is now on line; the last list has been archived.
12-10-13   The minutes of the recent AGM and year end accounts may be accessed here. Paper copies available if required.
01-10-13   Monument of the Month (October) uploaded
19-09-13   Cornwall page expanded
22-09-13   Information about project of the reconstruction of Tudor tombs formerly in Thetford Priory. Further information about the design of the monument for King Richard III. Visit the Monuments in the News page.
21-09-13   Many monuments added to the Surrey page
09-09-13   Revised Council Members' list uploaded 
08-09-13   Call for Papers for the 2014 Canterbury Symposium
                Details of Twitter account given here or here
02-09-13    Monument of the Month (September) uploaded
22-08-13    Beginning of revival of the Notes & Queries Site
12-08-13   Updated index to CMS Journal publications posted
                 The latest edition of Historic Churches may now be read on line: click here to access this.
07-08-13   Details of Hertfordshire & Middlesex excursion 2014 posted with booking form
05-08-13   Monument of the Month (August) uploaded
08-07-13   Monument of the Month (July) uploaded
05-07-13    Several monuments added in Lincolnshire
10-06-13     Monument of the Month (June) uploaded
07-06-13   Outline of furthcoming events for 2014 and 2015 posted
03-06-13  Several monuments will be added in the County Guides section this coming week.
27-05-13   Some notes on Open Access posted
24-05-13  Poitou-Charente (France) begun
20-05-13   The Temple Church section expanded
17-05-13  Tewkesbury Abbey site expanded
13-05-13  Monument of the Month (May) uploaded
08-05-03   Leicester Cathedral's proposed design for King Richard III's tomb.
Will the church be open? A new app to guide you is here.
A new website about war memorials is here.
01-05-13  Some minor additions and modifications to Guide for Contibutors to the Journal posted
30-04-13  Some new books which should be of interest described.
15-04-13  Derbyshire page expanded
               Monument of the Month (April) uploaded
22-03-13   Hampshire page expanded
New - Lancashire page but only one church at the moment
19-03-13   Shropshire page expanded
15-03-13   Nottinghamshire page expanded
14-03-13   President Sally Badham's letter to the Times about the problem of bats in churches may be accessed here.
13-03-13  Some information about proposed monument to Richard III
11-03-13   The itinerary on and details of  the South Lincolnshire excursion has changed slightly; click here for the revised details.
                Church Care added to links (belated)
10-03-13   Details of latest Journal (2012) posted
09-03-13   Lastest Recent Publications uploaded
07-03-13   Details of latest Newsletter posted
                'Missing excursion' details added
06-03-13   Monument of the Month (March) uploaded: this is a topical subject at the moment being about the alleged tomb of the only son of Ricahrd III. From now on - and where possible - you can link to full screen photographs by clicking on the smaller version in the text.
05-03-13   Details of forthcoming meetings (plus booking forms) and next AGM posted. One to follow.
                Details of audio-visual of lectures at the Society of Antiquaries by CMS members are now on line.
03-03-13   Kent page expanded
02-03-13   New on line database from MeMO (Medieval monuments in the Netherlands) now available. Free access; English language.
25-03-13   Richard III reburial: notes from the CMS
24-02-13   Dorset page greatly expanded
25-02-13   Ripon Cathedral completed
13-02-13  Possible design for tomb of Richard III announced by the Richard III Society
05-02-13  Monument of the Month (February) uploaded
04-02-13   Details of Puddleton Study Day posted
                And Northern Lights tour
                Confirmation that the skelton found at Leicester was indeed that of Richard III
09-01-13  Monument of the Month (January) uploaded
               Details of CMS church guide competition prize day posted
03-01-13   Wiltshire split into two pages and many more monuments added to the Salisbury Cathedral section, now on separate page.
09-12-12  Monument of the Month (December) uploaded
11-11-12   New page of Venetian monuments uploaded
06-11-12  Monument of the Month (November) uploaded
23-10-12   Latest Lastest Updates uploaded
                Details of some future events posted
19-10-12   Details of latest Newsletter posted
08-10-12   Monument of the Month (October) uploaded
05-10-12   New page on the monuments and casts in the V&A Museum. Photographs by Amanda Miller
18-09-12    Latest AGM mintutes and accounts now on line
12-09-12    The Society's constitution is now on line.
10-09-12    Monument of the Month (September) uploaded
                  Revised Council list uploaded
10-08-12    Monument of the Month (August) uploaded
08-08-12    Wales has now been divided into several counties in the county guide section
17-07-12    Monument of the Month (July) uploaded
17-06-12    Monument of the Month (June) uploaded
                 Many photographs added to the French pages
12-05-12    Monument of the Month (May) uploaded
18-04-12   Details of latest Journal (2011) posted
13-04-12   New county - Bedfordshire - begun
09-04-12   Monument of the Month (April) uploaded
20-03-12   Latest Latest Publications uploaded
18-03-12  Details of recent Newsletter (Vol 26, No 2) posted
               New: Details of CMS Church Guide Competition posted
07-03-12  Monument of the Month (March) uploaded
06-02-12   Monument of the Month (February) uploaded
01-02-12   New County - Buckinghamshire uploaded. Many monuments
07-01-12  Monument of the Month (January) uploaded
21-12-11  Website Two Years Old Today!
08-12-11  Index to Publications - Newsletter - updated by Tony Carr
05-12-11  Monument of the Month (December), New Counties - Surrey & Cheshire begun
13-11-11 Monument of the Month (November) uploaded: A Detective Story
30-10-11  Recent Publications updated
24-11-11  Details and booking forms for Exeter Study Day and South Yorkshire Excursion posted
21-10-11   New County - Durham - uploaded. Very few monuments at the moment; more would be welcome please!
20-10-11   Details of recent Newsletter posted
03-10-11    AGM minutes and accounts summary posted
18-09-11    Details of the 2012 Symposium together with booking form posted. Plus details of future event; some in outline only.
15-09-11    Index to the Journal updated
14-09-11    Monument of the Month (September) uploaded
05-09-11   New Feature: Monuments to the Famous - A New Series. We begin, in this anniversary year, with Monuments to the Translators of the King James Bible. This illustrated article is by Dr Jean Wilson. Further articles will appear in due course; Monuments to the Regicides is in preparation.
15-08-11   Monument of the Month (August) uploaded
04-08-11   New County - Wilshire - added
21 -07-11 The French Monuments pages have been split into Regions and many new photographs added
18-07-11  Monument of the Month (July) uploaded
28-06-11 The Exeter Cathedral Page (Devon pages) has been revised and completed.
12-06-11 Monument of the Month (June) uploaded,; New county - Northunberland - posted
23-05-11 New details of Essay Prize posted 
15-05-11 Monument of the Month (May) uploaded
19-04-11 CMS Diary and further article on Geology posted
18-04-11 Details of recent Newsletter (Vol 26, No 2) posted
17-04-11 Monument of the Month (April) Uploaded (delayed)
07-03-11 Details of Victorian Conference posted
01-03-11 Monument of the Month uploaded
25-02-11 Latest (2010) Journal details and abstracts posted
31-01-11 Monument of the Month uploaded
24-01-11 Details of 2011 AGM posted
23-01-11 New county - Northamptonshire - uploaded
Details of Autumn Excusion posted
14-01-11 Symbolism on Monuments aumented and revised
01-01-11 Monument of the Month uploaded
21-12-10 New Website one year old today!
01-12-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
29-10-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
09-10-10 CMS Events updated with booking forms
08-10-10 Latest Publications uploaded. This section has now been improved
Details of latest Newsletter
30-09-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
17-09-10 CMS Diary uploaded
16-09-10 AGM Minutes uploaded; accounts to follow
14-09-10 New Council Members' details revised
20-08-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
13-08-10 Final Symposium Programme uploaded
31-07-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
16-07-10 New County - Hertfordshire - uploaded. 3 churches only at the moment
26-06-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
31-05-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
30-04-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
28-04-10 New Book on Monuments published: a series of essays by members of the Society. Click here for further details.
13-04-10 Devon Page 1 revised with Ordnance Survey references added to help find church. This is a pattern I will continue.
01-04-10 Monument of the Month uploaded
14-03-10 Symposium booking form and programme uploaded. Several minor additions and modifications
09-03-10 Final details of this year's Cambridgeshire excursion with booking form
08-03-10 Latest (spring 2010) Newsletter details added. Latest Publications updated. Latest AGM minutes added. Geology - Sandstone - added
01-03-10 Monument of the Month and Monument of the Month Archive uploaded
27-02-10 Claude Blair Memorial Fund details added. Minor Devon churches.
17-02-10 Latest (2009) Journal details and abstracts posted
15-02-10 Nottinghamshire page begun and uploaded
13-02-10 Index to Publications uploaded. Dorset redesigned with new photographs
01-02-10 Monument of the Month. Staffs page added. Hertford Tours details Minor changes. More county photographs
20-01-10 Details of West Yorks Excursion. Shropshire photos added
16-01-10 France revised and uploaded. This completes the transfer.
13-01-10 Scotand revised and transferred; Europe transferred
11-01-10 Dorset & Leicestershire redesigned and transferred; balance of Hampshire transferred.
09-01-10 Devon redesigned and tranferred
05-01-10 London redesigned and transferred
01-01-10 Wales, Derbyshire, Sussex, Shropshire, Gloucester & Kent County pages transferred. Minor modifications.
24-12-09 Oxford County page transferred
21-12-09 New Web Site Launched