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Canterbury Cathedral
North Aisle
Orlando Gibbons (1625)
by Nicholas Stone (£32)
South Aisle
John Sympson (1752)
by J. M. Rysbrack
South Aisle
Lt. Col. John Stuart (1808)
By: Peter Turnerelli
North Aisle
Officers and Men of the 50th Queen's Own Regiment 1848
By: George Nelson, after a sketch by: M L Watson 
South Aisle
Memorial to 13th Prince Albert's Light Infantry (c 1843)
By Thomas Denmen (1787-1848) 
North West Transept St Michael's Chapel North East Transept Choir/North Choir Aisle
Archbishop Peckham (1292) Wooden effigy; weepers on tomb chest. Archbishop Warham (1532) Thomas Thornhurst (1627) William Pride (1632) Archbishop Tait (1882)
By: Sir Edgar Boehm, and Farmer & Brindley
Archbishop Chilchele (1443)
Trinity Chapel

Dean Wotton  (1567) King Henry IV & Joan of Navarre
Alabaster Effigies
Attrib: Robert Brown 1437
Top: Henry IV & Joan of Navarre
Lower: Edward, The Black Prince
Edward Prince of Wales,
'The Black Prince'

Gilt Bronze
South Ambulatory
Archbishop Hubert Walter (1205). Purbeck Marble
Corona There are, of course, many more monuments both in Canterbury and Rochester Cathedrals. Eventually these will be added to this collection
Archbishop Temple (1902)
By: W. D. Caroe and F. W. Pomeroy

St Peter & St Paul

Elizabeth Ludwell (1766)

St Mary

 Sarah Young
By: J M Rysbrack 1751

Crayford - St Paulinus

William Draper (1650) & Mary Draper (1652)
Thomas Stanton (?)

Elizabeth, Lady Shovel (1732)

All Saints

Gabriel Livesey (1622)

Sir Richard King (1834)
By: C Thompson

St Dunstan

 Above: Thomas Wester RA (1886)  By: Sir Horatio Thorycroft

Left:  Roberts Family 1740
By: Joseph Pickford

Eastling - St Mary
Martin & Thomasyne James (1592) with two sons and two daughters
St Mary the Virgin
Thomas Nevinson (1590) & Anne Theobald (but see below [Faversham]) Sarah Boteler (1777)
By William Tyler
Faversham - St Mary of Charity
Main photograph: Edward Fagg (1618), his wife Anne Theobald and their daughters, Marie & Anne; there was also a son, Michael, who died young. Left of main photograph: daughter Anne. Right of main: Marie. Far right of main: Anne Theobald. The latter was first married to Thomas Nevinson and appears on a brass with him in Eastry. Thomas Stouthouse (?) who wrote Monastion Favershamiense. Member of Gray's Inn and Mayor of Faversham. Buried 23-2-1651 but may have been 1653
There are several other monuments of interest in the church, including a wall monument which is said to contain the bones of King Stephen who, according to local tradition, was reburied here following the destruction of his tomb in nearby Faversham Abbey at the Dissolution. Whether there is any truth in this rather pleasant  tale is unknown, as chronicles record that his bone - with those of his wife, Matilda, and son, Eustace, where thrown into Faversham Creek.
Hinxhill - St Mary


  Robert Edolph (1632)

St Margaret

Hougham - St Lawrence
Peter Nepueu (1659) & Mary; erected after 1735; by Cheere (John Physick) One of 100, 000 protestants driven from by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.
 William Hannington & Family (1607 age 92) 'Herein their silent urnes (againe wedded after deaths diverce) lie William Hannington Esq and His wife...These happie olives budded friutfullie into 5 sonnes 4 daughters 2 as soon blasted as blowne...'
 St John the Evangelist
Far Left: John Wood (1789)
Next: William Heghtresbury, rector, (1372). He was rector from 1354 & known as Professor of the Sacred Page. He was also canon of Sarum and Wimelingwold in Wingham Church. His will directed that he should be buried here and bequeathed a potiphory containing the music to sing the service
Next & Far Right: Knight mid 14th century. Possibly Thomas de Ba or Bay (1339) Stained glass here - but now lost - contained his arms and name

        Ightham - St Peter

Sir William Selby (1611) & nephew Sir William Selby (1638) Detail and Whole Monument

Sir William Cawne (c. 1373-4)

 Dorothy Selby (1641) By: Edward Marshall
She was famous for her needlework

Knowlton - St Clement
'The Lady Elizabeth D'Aeth, only daughtr of that famous Admiral Sir John Narbrough Knt, sister and heir to those two unfortunate young gentlemen John Narborough Bart and James Narbrough Esq. She was the fruitful mother of twelve children by her husband Sir Thomas D'Aeth Bart of whome seven survived her. Two sons Narbrough and Tomas and five daughters Elizabeth, Elhannah, Sophia, Bethia and Harriot. She died in childbed the 24th June in the year of our Lord 1721 in the 39 year of her age and lyes in the vault underneath.'
The brothers referred to were drowned off the coast of Sicily following a shipwreck: their monument is opposite.
Leaveland  St Lawrence
Katherine & her son Francis (1606) The latter died at the age of 35 Alabaster
'Here lies a wight, whose virtues merete praise, maide, a wife, a widdowe in her days, faithfull, well reported of all whom God from earth to heaven did sweetly call.....' Visitation notes report: '1589. Edmund Roper, gentleman, and Katherine, his wife, have not received the communion with us in our parish by the space of 3 years or more'
Milstead - St Mary and Holy Cross
Dame Elizabeth Tylden (1839) She died in Malta age 44, leaving one daughter Elizabeth Jane. 'Entombed beneath repose the mortal remains of...' Eleanor Constance Chafy age 26. 'a mother yet no mother'
Both daughters of the clergy
Nettlestead - St Mary
Lady Elizabeth Stafford (1598) daughter of William Stafford, whose first wife had been Mary Boleyn Lady Catherine Scott (1636), 2nd wife of Sir John Scott whose first wife was Elizabeth Stafford
Rochester Cathedral
Nave: South Aise Nave: North Aisle N E Transept Chapel
South African War Memorial; Alabaster  Lady Henniker (1792) By: Thomas Banks RA
(detail: Time and Whole Monument)
Coade Stone
Richard Sonmer (1682)
By William Stanton (?)
Lee Warren (1698) By John Broxup
(Detail & Whole Monument)
South Transept
Richard Watts (1579)
By Charles Easton (1763) paid £50
Joseph Maas (1886)
Alabaster & Marble
By: J Currie, designed by Temple Moore 
Sir Richard Head (1689)
By: Grinling Gibbons 
St Clements
Selling - St Mary Smeeth
St Mary

Frances Rampston (1611)
Peter Heyman (1550) Also to his wife Elizabeth and son William
He originally knelt on top of the tomb chest

Priscilla (1648) & Mary Scott (1652)
The two wives of Robert Scott; by the first, Priscilla, he had 9 children
Note that they rest on their elbows on the prayer desk rather than the usual attitude of kneeling
Stowting - St Nicholas

Lt Conrad Jenkin RN (1916) He died at Scappa Flow Christmas Eve 1916 aged 23, having served 10 years on 7 ships.

George, 1st Lord Haris of Seringapalam, Mysore & Belmont (1829)
St Michael & All Angels

Cpt Thomas Sondes (1668)
signed by WS. Possibly William Stantonf
Hon Charles Harris (kia 1814) He was killed near New Orleans 1814 age 21. Also served under Wellington in Spaind. By Flaxman

Sir Thomas Sondes (1592) & his 1st wife Cycylle (1584). Alabaster, the farther monument; and his brother Sir Michael Sondes (1617) and his wife Mary . (1603) Painted stone

Tunstall - St John the Baptist
Sir James Cromer ( 1613) or Crowmer & 2nd wife Martha. 'Lady Martha his deare & sorrowful wife, for honour and love and not without much grief, hath erected this monument' Fragment only of formerly large monument. Sir Edward Hales (1654 age 78) m. 1. Deborah Harlakden with whom 4 sons & 2. Martha, widow of James Cromer (left), with whom no issue. Signed: W Sweet & M Miles. Alabaster. The chapel was extended for this monument Robert Cheke DD (1647) Edward Mores (1740), Rector here for 34 years
Upper Hardres
St Peter & St Paul
Top left: Sir William Hardres (1764) The last Hardres baronet. Marble
Bottom left and right: Sir Thomas Hamon (1634)
Waldershare - All Saints
Hon Peregrine Bertie (1701) 2nd son of 2nd Earl of Lindsey & Susan Monys (1697) Original iron railings


St Mary the Virgin


 Oxenden Family (1682) Various Details. By: Grinling Gibbons/ Arnold Quellin (?)

Above: Sir Thomas Palmer Bart (1625) & Margaret Pole/Pooley by Nicholas Stone
Yalding - St Peter & St Paul

Above:  Jane Charlotte Akers (1864) She was aged 8 years, 10 months and 3 days and died after 'supporting a painful and tedious illness with exemplary fortitude and patience...'
Right: Ambrose Warde (1637) & his wife Elizabeth (1679). Also their eldest daughter Bennet (1656). 'She lived much desired but died a virgin much lamented by all who knew her' Alabaster and marble. Although the main figures kneel at a prayer desk, they turn outwards looking at the observer.

 All the photographs on this page have kindly been provided by Dr John Physick CBE, Resident of Kent and Vice President of the Church Monuments Society and very many by Jean McCreanor, to whom grateful thanks. The steel plate engravings are from Edward Blore's book.

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